Research projects in which I worked and I am working on.

3D model of the current design of FRIDA

FRIDA (inFRared Imager and Dissector for Adaptive optics) will be an integral field spectrograph (near infrared) with imaging capability for use with the adaptive optics system of the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC). FRIDA will be the first GTC instrument to use the telescope's adaptive optics system.

Image from IAC


Planning, Execution and  LEarning Architecture (PELEA) is a domain-independent online planning and execution architecture which is conceived as a general-purpose architecture suitable for problems ranging from robotics to emergency management. It is also intended to provide a rapid prototyping life-cycle for building planning applications and support planning practitioners with a highly-configurable tool.

PlanInteractionIt is conceived as a flexible platform to integrate PELEA into a Multi-agent System using the MAGENTIX technology. PELEA is a planning-execution architecture designed both to simulation and real execution. The new model includes this functionality to perform total simulations, partial simulations or real executions.

It is a tourist recommendation and planning application to assist users on the organization of a leisure and tourist agenda. The system offers the user a list of the city places that are likely of interest to the user. With a planning module schedules the list of recommended places according to their temporal characteristics as well as the user restrictions; that is the planning system determines how and when to perform the recommended activities.

The systems helps the user to get customized plans according to its tastes and preferences.

RoberryThe Roberry will be an autonomous rover, using the Hackberry A10 board, that can run missions onboard. Roberry has onboard planning and execution capabilities, which means it can generates and execute plans by itself. It is planner independent.  It can receives both a goals list or a preloaded plan through WIFI.