César Guzmán-Alvarez 1, Pablo Castejon 1, Eva Onaindia 1, and Jeremy Frank 2
Universidad Politècnica de València1, NASA Ames Research Center2

This paper appears in: IEEE 26th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, ICTAI. Limassol, Cyprus.

Issue Date: Nov.10-12, 2014

Abstract - download This paper presents a novel multi-agent reactive execution model that keeps track of the execution of an agent to recover from incoming failures. It is a domain-independent execution model, which can be exploited in any planning control application, embedded into a more general multi-agent planning framework. The multi-agent reactive execution model provides a mechanism allowing an agent to respond to failures that prevent completion of a task when another agent is not able to repair the failure by itself. The model exploits the reactive planning capabilities of agents to come up with a solution at runtime, thus preventing agents from having to resort to replanning. We show the application of the proposed model for the control of multiple autonomous space vehicles.

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