Vidal Alcázar1, César Guzmán2, David Prior3, Daniel Borrajo1, Luis Castillo3, Eva Onaindia2
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid1, Universidad Politécnica de Valéncia2, Universidad de Granada3

This paper appears in: 28th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group, PLANSIG. Brescia, Italy.

Issue Date: Dec. 1-3, 2010 ISSN: 1368-5708

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One of the current limitations for large-scale use of planning technology in real world applications is the lack of software platforms to integrate the full spectrum of planning-related technologies that include sensing, planning, executing, monitoring, replanning and even learning from past experiences. In this paper we describe the design of such an architecture, pelea (Planning, Execution and LEarning Architecture) that has been conceived as a general-purpose architecture suitable for a wide range of problems from robotics to emergency management. We present the requirements of this architecture, its main components, as well as the connections among them. Currently, we have a first prototype of such platform.

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