Ezequiel Quintero2, Ángel García-Olaya2, Vidal Alcázar2, Daniel Borrajo2, Juan Fdez-Olivares3, César Guzmán1, Eva Onaindía1, David Prior3, Fernando Fernández3.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid1, Universidad Politècnica de València2, Universidad de Granada3

This paper appears in: AAAI-11 Workshop on Automated Action Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots, PAMR, San Francisco, USA.

Issue Date: Ago. 7, 2011

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In this paper, we describe the integration of a robot control platform (Player/Stage) and a real robot (Pioneer P3DX) with PELEA (Planning, Execution and LEarning Architecture). PELEA is a general-purpose planning architecture suitable for a wide range of real world applications, from robotics to emergency management. It allows planning engineers to generate planning applications since it integrates planning, execution, re-planning, monitoring and learning capabilities. We also present a relational learning approach for automatically modeling robot-action execution durations, with the purpose of improving the planning process of PELEA by refining domain definitions.

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