César Guzmán-Alvarez 1, Sofıa Collazo-Bigliardi 1, and Rodrigo Ortega-Toro 2
Universidad Politècnica de València1, Universidad de Cartagena 2

This paper appears in: Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 11, 2018, no. 12, 559 - 570

Issue Date: Jan.1, 2018

Abstract - download Biodegradable polymers have similar physicochemical properties thanconventional polymers, but they can be degradable under controlledconditions in less than 180 days. Thermoplastic starch films have a rel-ative importance because of their low cost, high production and goodprocessability by conventional techniques like melt blending, compres-sion molding, extrusion, among others. However, they present severaldrawbacks (poor mechanical properties, high water vapor permeabil-ity, and retrogradation) that limit their industrial applications. In thepresent paper, we developed a computer tool, which employs artificial intelligence techniques to predict the values of the physical propertiesof thermoplastic starch materials without having to resort to the elab-oration of the physical parts. Our tool allows the industry to reducetime, resources and costs.

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