You can find here a complete list of all my publications.


Plan monitoring, Execution and Reactive planner - PlanInteraction

Implementing a multi agent planning platform composed of autonomous and, possibly heterogeneous, planning entities. It is a multi agent extension of PELEA. 

Decision Support

Anytime Decision Support System to decide between Repair or Replan


Research project in conjunction with two universities. University of Granada and University Carlos III of Madrid. The project was conducted from the University Politecnica of Valencia. Planning Execution monitorization and LEArning 

e-Tourism: Recommender System for Tourist Activity

master thesis project with great interest for further research. A recommender system offers the user a list of the city places that are likely of interest to the user.  It is integrate with a planning system, which determines how and when to perform the recommended activities.  

Space Science

Contributions related to science spaces

Machine Learning

Contributions related to machine learning